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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Donald Trump is Mentioned in the Book of Mormon

Downloaded October 25, 2016 from https://www.lds.org/media-library/images/statue-of-liberty-1304165?lang=eng
The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.
Accessed October 25, 2016
from the LDS Media Library.
The following passage comes from Ether 10:9-11 in the Book of Mormon:
9 And it came to pass after the space of many years, Morianton, (he being a descendant of Riplakish) gathered together an army of outcasts, and went forth and gave battle unto the people; and he gained power over many cities; and the war became exceedingly sore, and did last for the space of many years; and he did gain power over all the land, and did establish himself king over all the land.
10 And after that he had established himself king he did ease the burden of the people, by which he did gain favor in the eyes of the people, and they did anoint him to be their king.
11 And he did do justice unto the people, but not unto himself because of his many whoredoms; wherefore he was cut off from the presence of the Lord.
Sounds like Trump to me. I've seen and read numerous people stoutly saying Trump's personal life doesn't matter to them and it doesn't and shouldn't matter to anyone considering voting for him.

These scriptures infers that a leader corrupt in his or her personal life cannot compensate for being exemplary in his public life. We need leaders who are exemplary in both!

The only church leader who has ever cited or examined this particular passage is Neal A. Maxwell in his General Conference talk in 2001 entitled, The Seventh Commandment: A Shield:
Previously, society has often had helpful, though subtle, balancing and restraining mechanisms—including families, and churches, and schools—to checkrein excessive individual behavior. But too often some of these mechanisms are either missing, malfunctioning, or equivocating.
Moreover, the foregoing trends are further accelerated by the fashionable nonjudgmentalism which excuses whatever wrong individuals do—as long as they do anything else commendable. After all, didn’t Mussolini make the trains run on time? Violators of the seventh commandment may still make useful contributions, but they pay a hidden, personal cost (see Alma 28:13 Of King Morianton we read, “He did [deal justly with his] people, but not [with] himself because of his many whoredoms” Ether 10:11 Apparently a fair, no-respecter-of-persons leader, Morianton did not respect himself! His self-inflicted wounds were masked by the outward ornamentation of riches and buildings (see Ether 10:12)
So sobering is all of the foregoing that what follows needs to be said, and I do not hesitate to say it. The revelations tell us that commensurate with their own sins, unrepentant sinners must suffer even as [Jesus] did for ours, as they one day personally experience the full justice of God (see D&C 19:16–18) Additionally, however, those who in various ways persistently foster and intensify this often drug-drenched drama of immorality—whether as promoters, enablers, facilitators, or profiteers—will also then face and then feel all the misery they have caused countless others!
Finally, brothers and sisters, in certain times and circumstances, discipleship requires us to be willing to stand alone!
Donald Trump's many whoredoms are well known. The excuses I hear Mormon's make sound like nothing more that the "fashionable nonjudgmentalisms" that Maxwell condemns.

Embracing these excuses makes us, at the very least, enablers and facilitators.

In modern times, it has been the Democratic Party that has brushed aside concerns about the serial adulterers it puts forth as Presidential candidates. I was always dismayed at how they pooh-poohed it and downplayed it as a serious indicator of personal corruption.

Hillary Clinton would bring a team of political and personal corruption back to the White House. To me, this option is as nauseating as Trump.

Now, it is the Republican's turn. We are doing little better at it than they. I, for one, will stand alone if I have to.

I will not hold my nose and vote for Trump. I value liberty, and this country, too much to entrust it to a person like Trump.

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