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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Benefits of Blind Gratitude: Did I Just Get Saved?

After going to bed last night, I was awakened at about 1 a.m. by a smell. I can't really describe it. It smelled strange and the possibility of danger tugged me fully awake. Naturally, my rising awakened my husband as well. However, he could not smell anything

The smell was quickly replaced by a strobe light effect coming from one of our covered windows. I knew it couldn't be lightening because lightening doesn't strike in one place multiple times at the same intensity. Also, there was no thunder.

For a moment I thought fireworks. However, even my half asleep brain suggested that was unlikely. Indiana doesn't celebrate Pioneer Day.

Turning on a light in our home didn't illuminate anything. The lights were only 1/4 the typical brightness. My husband flipped on the utility room light and it quickly shorted out. He yelled at me not to turn on any more lights.

A glance out of one of our uncovered windows revealed a pretty spectacular pyrotechnics show. My husband identified the problem: a downed power line.

After retrieving footwear, eye glasses and some clothing, we ventured outside where a crowd was already gathering. I made it outside first.

The power line was sparking and snapping in the backyard of a home located near ours. Soon a fire engine siren joined the highly charged buzzing from the downed power line.

As experienced emergency response people converged on the scene, our new neighbors introduced themselves and we compared notes about what was going on.

A firefighter yelled over to us not to touch the fence. Oops, I'd already opened the gate to walk over to the neighbors. I should have waited for my husband. He always seems to know how to minimize my safety stupidity.

Soon, the power was cut and the excitement went dark. A falling tree branch was the culprit. Crews mopped up the damage by midday today and had power restored.

Were we in danger? I have to think we were somehow. I can sleep through anything. What woke me up? After the initial sniff, the smell was gone. If Heavenly Father was protecting us from some danger, we emerged almost unscathed.

The house with the downed power line also had a fire kindled in the attic. Shorts in our home knocked out an alarm clock and the light bulb in the utility room. Obviously, things could have been worse, much worse.

It is impossible to count, or account for, all the disasters that don't occur. I can think of many times when I was able to narrowly avert danger, usually through some sort of spiritual prompting.

I just don't know how many disasters have been averted in my life that I remain unaware of. Blind obedience is not a good idea, but I think blind gratitude is.

I'm going to keep thanking deity for my safety ...

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  1. Glad you're okay! I've had maybe one or two of these experiences too, when I look back and realize, "Oh, I think God just saved my life there and I didn't even realize it." And it is in all the little things that did or didn't happen that combined together prevented something awful.