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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A+ or C- Which Family Would You Choose?

My husband and I are CASA volunteers again. The local judge came to one of our CASA training meetings. She's a marvelous lady. Having a conscientious and caring judge can make a real difference.

She made some remarks during the meeting and later with my husband and I. She said that we all want every child to have an A+ family. However, the law only requires C-.

This basic point is made over and over again in CASA training. You have to set aside your ideas for what you think is ideal and discipline yourself to think in terms of what the law requires. The law only requires a home to be barely adequate, in terms of safety and meeting a child's needs.

A government that could dictate ideal behaviors to its citizens would be a highly intrusive and dictatorial government. Obviously, we can't have that, if we value freedom. A free society is one where government is only minimally intrusive. So, government can only require C- homes.

However, in our churches and other entities that are separate from government, we can keep our A+ ideals. We can work to help all families be A+ families. We can retain that ideal.

This is one of the strongest reasons I'm a conservative. Liberals tend to favor a more active role in society and in the lives of individuals. Conservatives favor limited government. In addition, we favor strong churches, non-profits and other entities as better solutions for society's social problems. These entities can pursue A+ solutions. They don't have to settle for C-.

There is no question that social welfare administration is going to be uneven across the country by looking to local entities to respond to local problems. Some areas will have more resources than others. Having government involved does mean resources will be allocated more equitably and administration more even across the country. However, it is still only C-.

In the Church, we always go for the A+ solutions. I can't imagine that ever changing.