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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sample Letter to Make Ward and Stake Leaders Mad At You

Stake/Ward Relief Society Leaders,

When I gave my presentation this past Tuesday in my ward Relief Society meeting, it was referred to as an "Enrichment" meeting. Today in Sacrament Meeting, during the announcements, another Relief Society Enrichment meeting in the future was referred to and announced.

I find this astonishing. The Home, Family and Personal Enrichment program ended in 2009.

See current Handbook Guidance 9.4.2 as well as the video entitled Additional Relief Society Meetings from the Church's Leadership Training Library.

Guidance from church headquarters is clear in that all meetings should simply be referred to as Relief Society meetings. Meetings that occur outside of Sunday worship, should be referred to as additional Relief Society meetings.

Since Sister *** (the Stake Relief Society President) was also in attendance in Sacrament meeting and must have heard the announcements, I trust this will be corrected.

Krista Cook

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