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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Decision Still Delayed...

See: Decision Delayed: What SHOULD I Do?

Nothing has happened, yet.

I never made a decision and I still don't have a book. However, we just got a new Relief Society President so things might change.

I appreciate the comments made on my earlier post. However, the comment makers attempts to explain this situation are not relevant.

1. The Relief Society President did not have any real rationale for taking back the manual. She explained that it wasn't needed for another month or so and if the sister was still with us then she might give it back to her.

2. The Church has actually instructed wards and branches to only give hard copy manuals out to people who don't use digital media. Since I don't have a tablet I won't have a access to the lessons during church. However, I use digital media extensively at home. So, I am a little torn by whether or not I NEED one.

3. It's not a budget crisis. My ward is incredibly stingy with any resources. The Relief Society President doesn't want anyone using the R.S. room. It's HER room. She mounted a major defense from preventing the Sunday School from meeting in the room for Gospel Doctrine. The Bishop finally prevailed. This isn't unusual for this ward. All the other groups like High Priests and Elders have their own room and they won't let anyone else use them either. Turf and territory wars pop up daily.

Everybody seems constantly engaged in trying to dis-empower other people in whatever way they can. It makes for a pretty dysfunctional ward.

4. The third comment maker has a good point. How I handle this reflects on me. I didn't want to flaunt anything or make a big production out of anything. A holier than thou attitude is not Christlike.

At the end of the day, I still have some real concerns:

1. Units who ignore digital media and/or pretend it doesn't exist are in danger of being out of line with church policy and procedure. These units are increasingly going their own way and doing things exactly how they want with no regard for church guidelines.

2. Mindlessly adopting everything one's predecessor does almost insures people, units, organizations will get out of line. You can't assume what is done in the past was correct or even still relevant. You should first go to the Handbook and all official church instruction and then decide if you will continue with past practices.

3. We need to accept correction. Since this occurred in an official 5th Sunday in front of everyone, I have no qualms about relaying it here. Two members of the Stake Sunday School Presidency were discussing teaching responsibilities and Sunday school in particular.

In response to a question, they instructed teachers to get their own substitute if they could not make it to church to teach their lesson. It was their responsibility. If they couldn't get a substitute, then they were to inform the Sunday School President.

Well, guess who took issue with this? The Sunday School President, no less. He flatly stated it is not his responsibility. They should not inform him, he has more important things to do.

We were all a little aghast at his speech, especially the Stake Sunday School Presidency who didn't seem to really know how to respond to this. What would you do? They tried to correct him but he simply resisted them more.

If you ignore correction, refuse to access any church instructions, guidelines, etc., you can pretty much do whatever you want. You are also playing into Satan's hands and holding the church back.

Who would have thought that my steadfastly insisting that we follow all church guidelines, policy and procedure would set me apart in the church and cause me to be considered a dangerous radical influence?

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  1. You certainly have interesting experiences. Working with imperfect humans is not always easy, unfortunately. You can never go wrong by following guidelines set forth in Church Handbooks. I've learned over the years that it can make even contentious conversations calm down quickly as long as everyone involved wants to "do what is right". For you though it doesn't sound like your Sunday School President is interested in doing what is right. I wasn't there, but it sounds like the correction from the Stake was done in front of everyone. If that's the case, that should have happened in private where they could have a conversation without all being privy to listen in. I wouldn't want to be called out in front of a large group of people, I'm sure he didn't like it either. In situations like that you tend to defend your position, even if it isn't a strong one, solely to not look like a _______ (use your own adjective).

    I'm an Ordinance Worker in our local Temple. A while back, our Temple Presidency changed. The incoming Presidency has made it their mission to get us back on course, trying to prevent "Drift" as they put it. There are many long time Ordinance Workers who took exception to the "new" policies the Presidency were enacting. When, to be truthful, they were only trying to align more precisely with what was in the actual Handbook. I guess when you get right down to it, how moldable are we? Are we receptive to correction like you ask, or not? I just want to serve the best I can and in the way our Heavenly Father would like. Following rules and guidelines are the best way to do that in my opinion. I hope things can get better for you, Good Luck!