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Monday, September 16, 2013

You Should Opt Out of The Numbers Game!

On Sunday, one of the counselors in our Bishopric described something he now regrets. Some years ago, in  a prior calling, he was told to make certain that all priesthood members were assigned as home teachers and all members were assigned a home teacher.

In order to at least superficially comply with this, he assigned all the priesthood members who never did their home teaching as home teachers to all the members who never came to church.

Problem solved, right?

Numbers that can be easily fudged or manipulated should never be relied on. Numbers don't mean that much in the Church and they shouldn't be relied on as indicators of how well individuals or entities are doing.

Numbers can never really be used to determine the depth of someone's testimony or even the existence of it. They don't indicate if members are being fellowshipped, loved or served.

Sending a card to a visiting teachee as opposed to actual personal contact doesn't compare. And if you do show up for personal contact, but spend the whole time talking about yourself that's not really doing things properly either, even though it qualifies as a contact in the numbers game.

So, opt out of the numbers game and stop resorting to gimmicks to make it look like you are doing your spiritual work, when you really aren't. 

You are simply demonstrating that you fear men more than God and you aren't fooling Heavenly Father .


  1. I wouldn't know about Hometeaching. I haven't had a Hometeacher in over 10 years. I was told that because I'm active, I don't need one. So, I didn't get a blessing when I had a stroke, because I didn't know who to call.

    But then again, my home teacher didn't want to come over to our house after my son died because we "weren't over it". My home teacher just wanted to get his "frequent home teaching card" punched. He wasn't interested in morning with those that morn. He just wanted the numbers.

  2. @ Anonymous, I'm wondering what off-shoot of the Church you actually belong to. Must be the same one that Krista belongs to. I've never heard of a person that wanted a home teacher not being able to get one because they were "active". The most likely scenario I can see is that you do have one assigned, you just don't know it because they never come. That is just my opinion though since I don't really know.

    I'm a convert to the church of 40+ years and I don't live in Utah. I figure that if stuff like what you are explaining happens, I would have heard about it or seen it before (since I live in the mission field, not in Zion), which I haven't.

    Do you have Visiting Teachers? Did they know that you had a stroke and needed a blessing? I'm sorry that your Ward members and leaders seem to be oblivious to your needs. I'm thankful that my Ward is on top of things like this. The only advice I can give you is that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Make your righteous desires known to them and they really can't and shouldn't deny you. Good Luck.