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Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Advice to Mormon Feminists? Shut Up!

Will this tired issue never die? I've addressed it before, but feel obligated to address it again, simply because it dominates cyberspace.

I'm sick to death of feminists telling me I should be discontent.

I'm not.

I'll never be discontent, now or in the future.

All of us have to be content with what Heavenly Father has allotted to us. I'm content with it.

The Founding Fathers agreed that their deliberations would not see the light of day so that anybody could feel free to reverse themselves and change their minds. This technique, they felt, would ensure free and open debate as well as deep, honest deliberation.

Any discontent Mormon feminist that takes a public stand on this issue will have to stick to it or risk losing all credibility.

It doesn't make sense to carve your position in stone.

I think we all know enough about our social world that we know if Mormon feminists try and reverse themselves, the world won't let them.

However, if their position is currently consistent with the Church they can easily embrace feminism in the future and everyone will simply agree they finally saw the light.

Publicly embracing feminist thinking is simply a good way to kick yourself out of the Church. 

Personally, I wish they would just shut up.

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  1. No one is telling you that you need to be discontent. I have no idea what the rest of your post even means. Mormon feminists are not trying to push their beliefs or feelings onto anyone else - they're just trying to make everyone aware that there is a huge population within the Church that is discontent. You should be grateful that you haven't experienced the same negativity, rather than kicking your sisters in the gospel when they are down. It's downright laughable that you have Jesus Christ on the same page where you tell fellow members of the Church to shut up. I'm sure He would approve of that behavior. It doesn't make sense to me to carve your negativity, horrible attitude, and lack of charity towards others in stone by publishing it publicly on the Internet.