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Saturday, August 31, 2013

What Is Equality? How Can You Define It?

If  I'm not a feminist, does that mean I don't care about equality?

Hardly, I just think it is an awfully difficult concept to really get a handle on.

When I taught at the university level, I tried to describe to my students that reasonable people can differ on what equality means.

For example, if I brought a cake to class but stipulated that it had to be shared equally, what would result? Well, Initially students would say all the pieces had to be cut in pieces of similar proportions and everyone gets one.

Sounds good, right? Well, some students are very small people, some students are much larger. Should a five foot nothing student get the same size cake piece as a six feet five athlete? Is that equal? Is that fair?

Well, you can make the case that it isn't. My husband always share food equally with me. Sometimes he likes to give me more, especially things he knows I like. If this system goes on unchecked, I will probably end up weighing the same amount he does. I'm not sure I want this type of equality. I'll either have to refuse it or force him to be selfish.

What about students that aren't there the day I bring in the cake? Do they get a piece? Do we save them one? What if we have a visitor to the class? Do they get a piece of cake or is it only for regular, enrolled students?

What if somebody doesn't like the type of cake I brought? Do I have to provide some other sort of cake they do like? What if they can't eat it at all because they have allergies or a food intolerance. How do I allocate the cake resources if some of the students can't eat it?

What if someone's metabolism is slower than other people's. Metabolism can affect absorption. Absorption of the cake resources is going to be different for every student. Do we need to take that into consideration when equally dividing up the cake resources?

Decisions! Decisions!

I still like the football players idea of equality -- give everybody a fork! Equal access!

I might take these Mormon feminists demanding priesthood ordination, tickets to the General Priesthood Meeting and wearing pants to Church a little more seriously if I accepted their idea of equality.

I don't.

Why aren't they demanding men be allowed to be Relief Society President, Young Women President, etc.? Why aren't they lobbying to get rid of white shirts, ties and suits? Why aren't they demanding the dress spectrum be opened up for men and as broad as what women currently enjoy? Why aren't they demanding that men be given tickets to the General Relief Society meeting, or the General Young Women meeting? Why, Why, Why?

I think the answer is simple. They don't think responsibilities women have are as important as the responsibilities men have.

Not my idea of equality at all.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Advice to Mormon Feminists? Shut Up!

Will this tired issue never die? I've addressed it before, but feel obligated to address it again, simply because it dominates cyberspace.

I'm sick to death of feminists telling me I should be discontent.

I'm not.

I'll never be discontent, now or in the future.

All of us have to be content with what Heavenly Father has allotted to us. I'm content with it.

The Founding Fathers agreed that their deliberations would not see the light of day so that anybody could feel free to reverse themselves and change their minds. This technique, they felt, would ensure free and open debate as well as deep, honest deliberation.

Any discontent Mormon feminist that takes a public stand on this issue will have to stick to it or risk losing all credibility.

It doesn't make sense to carve your position in stone.

I think we all know enough about our social world that we know if Mormon feminists try and reverse themselves, the world won't let them.

However, if their position is currently consistent with the Church they can easily embrace feminism in the future and everyone will simply agree they finally saw the light.

Publicly embracing feminist thinking is simply a good way to kick yourself out of the Church. 

Personally, I wish they would just shut up.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Capernaum Cuneiform Chronicle

Capernaum Cuneiform Chronicle
Vol. 1 Issue #2
45 A.D.

Bishopric Message

We want you to know that we love each and every one of you each and every day. As we progress in the Lord's work we need to remember the love he has for each and every one of us. In the world, there will be trials and tribulations. Each and every one of us will experience trials and tribulations each and every day. Stay close to the Lord and you will be able to overcome each and every one of these trials and tribulations.

Ward Activity

Next Friday, we will be holding the annual swimming party. It will be the same place we always have it at the usual time. The same sisters that usually bring the food will be bringing it this time too. If you want to bring something, let them know. Since the ward is getting a little gray, we will have a special place for you stash your walkers, canes and wheel chairs. If you have a scooter, make sure it can go through mud since the area isn't paved and the beach can get a bit wet. If you need directions, ask somebody, but it's pretty easy. Just turn left at the old inn and take a right where Bro. Barabbas used to live before he died.  Take the exit next to where Sis. Joshabel lived before she died. Continue until you see the water. You can't miss it. Bring oxygen tanks and floaties if you have them. Scouts will be on hand to assist with CPR. Some still need to be certified. Hopefully we will have enough scouting leaders available to supervise.


Please be sure and clean the synagogue on your assigned week. The schedule was made a year ago and if you are new you aren't on it. Just remember to do all the assigned tasks. There might be a list of tasks somewhere in the custodian's closet. You'll have to get a key from someone in the Bishopric. The key will open the building but you will have to get a key from somebody else to open the custodian's closet. If you need a cleaning schedule you might be able to get a tablet from someone who got one a year ago but we don't know who that might be. Trade with somebody else if you can't clean on your assigned week.

Instructions On Library Use

Sister Drusilla wants everyone to remember that they need to get her announcements for the Sacrament Tablet at least six months in advance. It will take that long for her to inscribe them all by hand. (Her arthritis is acting up a bit.) She'll try and get back on a better schedule in the future and only require four months. If you need tablets or other visual resources, please give Bro. Barnabas plenty of notice so he can inscribe them for you. He only needs about a month advance notice. If someone has the key to the library, please let Sister Drusilla know, she hasn't been able to get in it for about two months.

Parking Issues

Some of you have not been taking your camels potty before they are parked. Camel urine's syrupy texture makes it very difficult to remove from the tar in the parking lot. Children are bringing it into the synagogue on their sandals. Please remember to take care of your camels before you park them. Camel's can hold onto a great deal during the three hour block. There is no need for them to relieve themselves while parked. We appreciate your discretion on this matter.


(Capernaum 7th Ward Grapevine)

"Why are we still using clay tablets? Everybody else shifted to papyrus a long time ago. If we had, Sis. Drusilla wouldn't need six months to carve the Sacrament Tablets. Information is outdated long before six months. This is so silly." Bro. Eleazar

"I agree with Bro. Eleazar, but perhaps we could accommodate the old-timers by commissioning mosaics instead of making the leap directly to papayrus." Bro. Jachin

"Why do we always have to consume copious amounts of food? Couldn't we plan a service activity instead of always having a social event with tons of food?" Sis. Milka

"Activities would not be successful if we didn't provide food. Anybody that's anybody knows that. Every time I've served as Stake Relief Society President, Ward Relief Society President, Stake Young Women's President, Ward Young Women's President, Stake Primary President and Ward Primary President we always provide food at events. People expect food and they probably won't come without it. Every time my husband has served as Stake President, Bishop, in the High Council, Elder's Quorum President and High Priest's Group Leader we always plan food. It's necessary." Sis. Zipporah

"Well, I was reflecting on the life of Jesus Christ. After one of his miraculous feedings of the multitude, they followed him, but Christ said they only wanted the food, not his teachings. Here's the reference in John 6:26-27:
Jesus answered them and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye seek me, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled.
Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed."
I just think there might be a modern day application for this reference. If people only come for the food, are they coming for the right reason?" Sis. MIlka

"Sis. Milka, I think you need to repent. You are on the high road to apostasy when you question your leaders. I will pray for you and your lost, demented soul." Sis. Zipporah 

"Sisters, perhaps we can just agree to disagree?" Sis. Dorcas

"Sister Milka doesn't have to go to activities if she doesn't want to. Everyone is free to make their own choices. That is what makes the gospel so wonderful!" Sister Damaris, Solace Society President, Sister Susanna and Sister Rhoda, Counselors.

"Papyrus is still the best option, but I'm willing to advance to mosaics for the time being." Bro. Jachin

"Camel Continence Classes have been going on now for five months. We really didn't need to include the parking issue thing. It's old news. Maybe we should shift to papyrus."Bro. Reuel

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