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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fun, Fun and More Fun!

Why are we constantly planning social events?

Most are poorly conceived, poorly executed and poorly attended. Fundamentally, they have nothing to do with spreading the gospel, strengthening members or redeeming the dead.

People seem to justify them under the guise of strengthening members although it is debatable that they succeed at that most of the time. Social  cliques form, some people get shut out and many are uncomfortable.

Our society of constant entertainment has pervaded the Church and all we emphasize anymore is entertainment.

Church is ill-suited to deliver entertainment. Church is well-suited to church.

When I served in the single adults at the stake level, I came to the conclusion that social events were pointless. You won't get an 18 year old and an 80 year old at the same social event. What they did have in common was their spiritual needs. Also, if you are single, you end up living a selfish life unless you seek out service.

So, I focused on firesides and service events. Ages blend well at these events. Besides, socializing goes on anyway and personal social events can result from people meeting up.

I'm not suggesting all social events should be retired. I just don't think they should dominate the agenda like they do now. I don't think anyone in our current society is in danger of having too little recreation. We aren't like past generations that worked all the time.

No one should be put on a guilt trip if they don't come to a social event. For me, the decision is often preparing my lesson or attending a social event. I prepare my Sunday lesson.

Social events seem so programmed into our mindset now that nobody questions them. Well, I'm questioning them. This position won't make me popular, but popularity isn't the aim of my existence.

I'll just continue to cry from the wilderness.

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  1. Krista,
    I agree. Almost all the time, these events are uncomfortable to me. I prefer small quiet groups to large, loud parties. Service is the best way to unite members, and I would love to look forward to firesides where I go to learn or be uplifted, rather than making another dish for the ward dinner. Purely social activities should be rare occasions, in my opinion.