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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Camel Milk, Bat Conservation and Faith in Christ!

In an insightful article entitled, "Wright Words: We share our favorite restaurant — but what about our faith?" Jason F. Wright poses the very simple question:
Why is it easier to broadcast something as temporary as my affection for a new restaurant than to share something as eternal and lasting as my faith?
This same thought occurred to me only it was in the context of camel milk and bat conservation, my two primary causes in life. I can easily share information about camel's milk and the plight of bats in the world much easier than I can share my testimony and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Logically, this makes no sense at all. Camel milk and bats are somewhat obscure causes. Faith in Christ is not.
I understand in the next life it's unlikely anyone will approach me with tears in their eyes and tell me how much they wish I had introduced them to my favorite Chinese restaurant.
It may be easy for me to share my passion for camel milk and bat conservation but it probably won't matter at all in the next life. I can't imagine someone tearfully thanking me for sharing these causes outside of this life.

Perhaps we should all take Wright's challenge to heart:
I invite everyone to share what matters most. If it brings you happiness, share it. If it brings you comfort and peace in a troubled world, share it. If it bonds your family together, share it with other families.
If it’s so delicious, then tell the world why. Because it’s likely to be the most important discovery you’ll ever share.
I use logic, reason and the scientific method to convert people to camel milk and bat conservation. That will not work with the gospel of Jesus Christ. So, I think I'll share a quote from my Mormon.org profile:
In academia, we use the scientific method. This does not work with spiritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge has to be learned in a spiritual way. If you want to know if what we believe as Mormons is true, you first have to find out what we believe and then ask Heavenly Father if it is true. He will make it known to you in a spiritual way. You won't be able to convince other people, or prove to them that you know, but you will know.
You WILL know! 

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