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Sunday, March 24, 2013

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones . . ." (Matthew 18: 6)

Right after I started doing the bulletin (program) in my current Ward, I closely observed who was reading it during Sacrament Meeting and how it was being used. Instead of handing it out entirely to adults, I hand it out to everybody. I observed numerous teens reading it. Also, I noticed kids coloring the picture of the chapel I include in the upper right hand corner.

That was something I hadn't anticipated.

Since I was having trouble getting announcements to fill up space, I thought maybe a picture on the back might be good. On the Church's "Video, Audio and Images" site under "Images" there is  category entitled "Primary" with a "Line Art" folder in it.

The "Line Art" folder explains that "Line art allows children to express creativity while learning gospel principles." I've included a line art picture in the bulletin every week since, except for last week March 17.

I had so many announcements for March 17 I did not include a line art picture. (There was a particularly lengthy announcement about registering the youth for the upcoming youth conference which took up all my space.)

Well, I had a disappointed little girl on my hands before Sacrament even started. Apparently, she looks forward to the picture every week and was very unhappy there wasn't one in the bulletin. I assured her I would include one from now on and asked her if there was a special picture she would like to request. She said, "Jesus with the children."

So, today it went on the bulletin. See the redacted bulletin below.

I hadn't realized what a hit my "filler" idea was. It makes the bulletin relevant to the children. Just wanted to pass the idea along to you in the hopes other wards/branches can benefit.

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