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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Close, But No Cigar . . .

Am I the only one that seems disturbed by announcements in Church of for-profit ventures that are near to the Church but aren't official? It would seem so.

In fact, these aren't announcements as much as they are endorsements. Time Out for Women and Especially for Youth, and the others like them, are wonderful programs. I would encourage anyone that can attend these things to do so if they wish.

However, they are not official. They aren't part of the Relief Society or the Young Men/Young Women's programs. I don't think they should be promoted as such.

I don't think they should be announced in the bulletin, over the pulpit or part of the opening exercises of any auxiliary. And, I don't think people ought to announce how tickets can be purchased for these events during church. My beef today is an extension of one I have addressed in the past.

When we teach lessons in the Church we are told to use the scriptures and correlated materials published by the Church. It isn't appropriate to rely on materials that Deseret Book or BYU produce so why is it okay to rely on them for the activities they sponsor? What is the difference?

Outside organizations produce many wonderful materials, programs and activities but they aren't Church materials and they aren't official.

The Church sponsors official Youth Conferences for the young people. It seems like people are elevating Especially for Youth, usually referred to as EFY, as the equivalent of them. It isn't. 

Youth conferences are planned and executed by local church leaders under priesthood authority. EFY is planned and executed by an L.D.S. affiliated university, it's employees and paid staff/contractors. They aren't in the same class.

If EFY is being plugged why isn't Youth Conferences at Temple Square? It utilizes the same cadre of speakers as EFY but it is much more affordable and much closer to being "official" than EFY is.

I don't dare raise this issue with Church leaders myself. I know how most people will react to me. They'll assume I think there's something wrong with these programs. They will stoutly defend them and denounce me. They will point to all the wonderful outcomes for themselves, their family members and people they know.

I just don't have the energy to deal with it all.

Maybe they'll read my blog. Somehow, I don't think that will happen.

Anyway, I don't have the energy to deal with that either.

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