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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Don't Jump Off of Spiritual Cliffs!

I often find tidbits buried deep in articles on various subjects. Sometimes I like to pull them out and highlight them. The following comes from Daniel Peterson's article, "Defending the Faith: Moral law is no product of evolution" in the Deseret News:
Moral law is notably uniform across cultures. While applications can and do vary, fundamental values don't. No culture teaches that murder is good, that selfishness is a virtue or that parents should be disrespected.
Peterson is accurate and not just about moral law. Examine any people or culture anywhere, throughout time and across cultures and you will find many things that hold true. Here are a few:

- Courage is valued. Wimps are wimps.

- Honesty is valued. Dishonesty is not admired.

- Happiness is desirable. Misery is not admired.

You can search out the most remote Amazonian Indians or bushmen in Africa and these observations will hold true.

The world is full of natural, physical laws like the law of gravity that are just as immutable. There are moral laws, like the ones Peterson's identified that are immutable too.

Acting as though these laws don't exist will put you in spiritual peril as real as the natural peril you would face if you tried to act as though the law of gravity did not exist.

Don't jump off a natural cliff or a spiritual one.

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