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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Mormons are Conservative Republicans: Part 10: Conclusion

Ideology and political party identification isn’t always rational. In fact, it is often irrational. People may simply identify with their parent’s party or the dominant party in the community they live. 

Besides, how people talk and how they vote is often very different.

I don’t care if it is or isn’t. Whether rational or irrational, Mormons are conservative Republicans. I’ve presented my reasons for why there is a rational basis for Mormons being conservative Republicans.

The labels I've examined in this series coincide with the national political parties, not how something might be translated at the local level. For example, I know Mormons who ran as Democrats in local races; just because it was a one-party area and the only viable candidates for anything had to have the Democrat label, even though their personal ideology was conservative Republican.

I’m not interested in someone’s irate comment that their father, grandfather, uncle, mother niece, or whatever, is a good Mormon and a Democrat. I’ve addressed aggregates, not individuals, and I’m not interested in personal examples.

My contentions are based on aggregates, so unless you have aggregate statistical data I’m not interested in it.

You may WANT the situation to be different, but that does not alter what IS. Mormons are conservative Republicans. This is indisputable.

This series only addresses the “why” question. I’ll entertain commentary on the whys I’ve presented; but I’m not going to allow someone to deny the truth – Mormons are conservative Republicans.

When I took a modern church history course from Dr. Richard O. Cowan at BYU in 1984, he told us that he had researched whether church leaders assigned members to the various political parties. He told us that he found NO evidence to support this very common myth.

Members have always been free to affiliate, identify or join the political party of their choice. Mormons choose Republicans who are conservative.

Our religious teachings put us squarely in the Republican camp, especially when moral issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage are considered. These are the hot button social issues and have been for years.

When beliefs are turned into action by Mormon office holders, the beliefs square with the action:

Critical to these issues is the assumption that Mormon elected officials actually behave differently from those of other religious backgrounds. It turns out they do: when it comes to making policy, Mormons take a backseat to no one on conservative ideological purity.

It needs to be said and it is being said by me.

Our religious doctrines, beliefs and teachings should put all Mormons in the Republican camp, as conservatives. There is no other conclusion.

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