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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mormon Freak!

Today's post is a write-up from my sister-in-law, Marcie, about her son, my nephew, Rhett.
Rhett was in his Advanced Placement literature class yesterday and they were discussing a short story called Grace or something like that. Anyway, Mr. Wilkinson* was talking to one of the kids about the story and the boy mentioned that he came across a word that he didn't know.
The word was "mammon." Mr. Wilkinson asked him if he looked it up, and the boy said, "No." Mr. Wilkinson told him that was dumb because he always tells the kids to look up a word if they don't know what it means. Then he proceeded to ask the class if anyone knew what it meant. Rhett was the only one to raise his hand so Mr. Wilkinson asked him to please tell the class what it means. Rhett explained that it means riches or worldly things.
Then Mr. Wilkinson smiled and said, "Where does it come from?" Rhett said, "The Bible." At this point, all the eyes in the class were fixed on Rhett. Then Mr. Wilkinson said, "Where?" Rhett said, "Matthew, Chapter 6, Verse 24." Mr. Wilkinson (smiling) said, "What does it say?" and Rhett proceeded to recite the verse. At this point, there were literally open mouths and stares of utter disbelief from the students. He even got a comment from one of his friends, "Mormon freak!"
Then Mr. Wilkinson said, "How many of you go to church?" Of course there weren't any other hands raised, so Mr. Wilkinson continued, "I think I'm going to make it a requirement for you to attend church at least twice a semester." He continued by explaining that the Bible is the most widely read text (except, perhaps for the Koran, because there are more Muslims than Christians) and that there are so many references to it in the literature they will be reading this year.
Then, Rhett gave a plug for Seminary stating anyone who wanted to come was welcome to join him at 6 am every week day morning.
No word yet on whether Rhett had any takers. . .

*Some names have been changed.

(Some punctuation and grammar have been altered for clarification and standardization.)

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