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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Mormons are Conservative Republicans: Part 4: Republicans Explained

Most Republicans are conservative.

In general, Republicans favor less government involvement in fiscal issues and more in social issues.

Republicans also have a more international focus than Democrats, who tend to emphasize domestic issues. This usually results in more support for the military amongst Republicans than Democrats. Most military people are Republicans.

Republicans have more respect for market forces and what they can do to address any excesses of businesses in the economy. They prefer minimal regulation, so that business can flourish and provide jobs.

Republicans are distrustful of too much regulation and see government activity as meddling. They often view government as the problem, not the solution.

As a group, Republicans are more religious than Democrats and see little wrong with school prayer or a nativity scene on public property.

Being religious, they tend to have firm ideas of right and wrong and are not willing to leave these decisions up to the vagaries of “individual choice.”

This also affects their approach to crime. They tend to be more willing to incarcerate than Democrats who may see crime as evidence of economic inequality.

They like to see market forces applied to other things as well, like education, and tend to support efforts like charter schools and school vouchers.

Republicans tend to embrace a more traditional definition of “family” than Democrats.
Republicans are less likely than Democrats to limit gun rights.

They may agree with Democrats on what problems exist, but generally don’t assign government responsibility for the solution.

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