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Monday, August 27, 2012

Why Mormons are Conservative Republicans Part 1: Introduction

This series will continue over the next ten days and consist of ten blog postings.

For numerous personal reasons, I’ve had to limit this blog to weekly posts. However, I don’t want to spend the next ten weeks posting on one subject and something tells me I can’t keep readers in suspense that long anyway.

I’ve wanted to do this series for some time; but I have intentionally waited until an election year and a time when I thought people were ready for it. Romney will be the Republican nominee for President. The primary season is officially over and the outcome is clear. Romney started running against Obama a short time ago. Now seems a good time for this series.

Other countries have multiple political parties. In this country, we have two, Republicans and Democrats. The other parties are too small to merit attention.

Our two-party system developed soon after our country was founded. We’ve had the same two parties since the Civil War. Positions on all major issues, and most minor issues, have been staked out by both parties. The positions are on opposite ends from each other. If parties share views on an issue, then it is no longer an issue.

Defining “conservative” and “liberal” are a little harder. Definitions change over time. History often determines what the terms mean.  What was considered liberal ten years ago may now be considered conservative.

Also, the terms can differ according to subject area. For example, they have different meanings in math than they do in politics.

I’m going to use the terms according to what they mean right now, in today’s political environment. In general, Democrats are liberal and Republicans are conservative.

I suspect someone will comment on this series and try and hit me with the fact that Joseph Smith was a Democrat. I believe he was; but that fact is irrelevant now, as is the fact that most Mormons used to be Democrats.

Most Mormons are conservative Republicans now, and likely to remain so.

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