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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Idaho Falls Temple -- Ancient Nephite Temple

I chatted today with some women at church about temples. We talked about the ones we had visited ourselves, what we liked about them and what made them unique. When the Idaho Falls Temple came up I passed along an interesting tidbit that I will pass on to you now.

In Temples to Dot the Earth by Richard O. Cowan, a former professor of mine, stated a little known fact that I passed onto my friends today. I'll quote it here for you:
     The board of architects headed by Edward O. Anderson was assigned to draw plans for the Idaho Falls Temple as well as the Los Angeles Temple. These men found it best for each to prepare his own sketch. The group chose the concept prepared by John Fetzer, Sr. He affirmed that after praying for guidance, "he saw in vision an ancient Nephite temple which he used as the basis for his design."
There are many different editions of the book. This tidbit is from Chapter 8: Continued Expansion, and the quote comes from footnote 21 -- Groberg, The Idaho Falls Temple, p. 63.

So, perhaps our best guide on what an ancient Nephite temple looks like is to look at the Idaho Falls Temple. See the following photos on the Church's  image media library or the official temple photos that can be found at this link.

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