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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Antichrists in The Book of Mormon: Part 9: Sherem and Jacob

Sherem, the last antichrist I'll discuss, was actually the first one to appear in the Book of Mormon. I'll paraphrase from Jacob 7 where the story of Sherem is found. See the video above or at this link.

Sherem was highly learned and skilled in all aspects of language, speech and flattery. He taught that there was no Christ. He believed in the scriptures, or so he said, but insisted that the Law of Moses was the true gospel which had nothing to do with Christ. Teaching Christ was blasphemy.

He convinced a lot of people and worked very hard at countering what he though was incorrect doctrine.

Sherem had the misfortune to contend with the prophet Jacob who did him in. Jacob countered all of Sherem's teachings and refuted his desire for a sign, much the way Alma did later when Koriohor demanded one.

Sherem was struck dumb, repudiated his former teachings and died.

Next week, I'll present a new and novel theory about Sherem.

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