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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mormons, Missions and MBA's Part 7: Clintonesque? Not Hardly!

Bloomberg Businessweek recently published, "God's MBAs: Why Mormon Missions Produce Leaders." I'm sure it will get plenty of attention. I'm simply going to pull out a few various quotes for analysis.
As for the prospect of having two Mormon Presidential candidates in 2012, the elders say they're not generally interested in politics. None have heard of Jon Huntsman, and they don't have much to say about Romney. Upon reflection, though, Elder Hildebrandt says, "One good thing about having a Mormon President—we'll be able to hold him to a higher standard."
The boy is right, he may not now much about the Presidency, but if Romney becomes President, I can guarantee you he will be a stark contrast to Bill Clinton.

I like the way D. K. Jamal put it in, "Mitt Romney having ‘weird Mormon’ problem":
. . . it would be nice to finally have a President that would not have to explain his collegiate drug use, rehash his addiction to alcohol before his conversion to Christianity, distance himself from bigots or questionable anti-American associates – or apologize on national television for his sexual exploits with women other than his wife.
Jamal compliments all Mormons for our "admirable lack of vice."

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