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Friday, June 10, 2011

Active Online: Digital Activities that Help the Church -- Part 2: Creating Your Own Content

This is a series on digital activities that can help the Church.

Yesterday I covered sharing existing content. Today's topic is similar but it involves creating your own content.

You can refer people to Mormon.org but you can also create your own profile on it. This is a link to my profile. If you have a profile and an LDSAccount, the Church creates badges for you to place online. See the right hand corner of this blog for one of my badges. Click on it and it will send you to my Mormon.org profile.

The Church encourages us to create our own blog, creating our own content while linking to relevant Church content. It even provides links to major blogging sites that can host our blogs along with promotional tips. There are even suggestions on how to blog about specific issues like The Book of Mormon.

Right now, the Church is encouraging us to blog about Spanish speaking missionaries.

You can create a video testimony and share it on YouTube and other similar forums.

The Church is encouraging us all to create media. See their new web site, "Create."

There is no end to getting creative. One of my favorite examples is these missionaries in the embedded video below:

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