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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What You Can Take With You

One of my all time favorite quotes comes from Neal A. Maxwell from his book A Wonderful Flood of Light, page 87. (purchase, ebook)
The remedies for people who stumble because they feel unvalued, unloved, unused, unheeded, and unappreciated include coming to know about God's love and coming to see the disappointments of the day in the context of the blessings of eternity and God's plan of happiness. It is vital for one to know that life's real difficulties are "but for a small moment" and thereby to trust in God's timing. Likewise, with the fresh view that comes from Restoration light we realize that our qualities and gifts are portable and will go with us into the next world. These qualities and gifts may not have been adequately appreciated here, but they are much in demand there!
This quote can only be understood in the context of our belief in Heavenly Father's Plan. This knowledge sustains me during the rough times on earth.

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