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Monday, May 2, 2011

If It Isn't One Thing It's Another . . .

People seem to be protesting temples and chapels in record numbers. It's difficult to believe that people are attempting to manage light pole colors though. It is happening. See "Mormon chapel's color choice for light poles panned":
"As far as light poles, they look terrible," said Jerich, a member of the council. "I certainly hope the LDS church takes it upon themselves either to remove them or paint them brown or bronze. No white light poles in Anthem for anybody. The white has got to go."
I've never read of anyone else objecting to the light pole color of other religious facilities. This is new for me.
"If they are already approved, there is not a whole lot we can do about it," Boates said. "But we'll make sure that at least we'll get them to work with us on the light poles."
I wonder if they also exert this sort of influence on homeowners in Anthem? Would homeowners stand for this sort of thing? I doubt it.
Kollings added that the Anthem staff is working with the church on the color of the light poles.
"Right now, it appears the approval for those were birch white, and we've asked them to come back to us to see if they would consider a dark bronze finish, which is the finish that you see on other light poles throughout Anthem," Kollings said.
Finally, here's their reasoning. light poles need to be color coordinated. Unbelievable. 

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