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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mormons in the Military

Occasionally, I get asked whether Mormons can serve in the military. The answer is, of course, an emphatic yes. Mormons serve honorably in all branches of the military. The Church even goes to some lengths to accommodate their special needs.

For example, there is a separate web site area in the Church's official site devoted to the Military. It includes resources for members, military families as well as information and resources for Mormon chaplains serving in the armed forces.

There is even a section entitled, "Scriptures relating to war and subjection to civilian authorities and rulers" with hotlinks.

Two videos included on the site are especially important:

Since Mormons feel strongly about regular worship, the Church tries to provide services even in the most far flung locations:
The Church tries to provide opportunities for members to participate in sacrament services and have access to priesthood leaders wherever they are serving throughout the world. In Iraq and Afghanistan, branches or groups have been organized at most locations where Church members are stationed. Diplomats, civilian workers, and humanitarian volunteers are generally able to attend Church services at military installations depending on security concerns and civilian accessibility to the military bases.
To summarize our feelings about war, I think President Gordon B. Hinckley said it best:
This places us in the position of those who long for peace, who teach peace, who work for peace, but who also are citizens of nations and are subject to the laws of our governments. Furthermore, we are a freedom-loving people, committed to the defense of liberty wherever it is in jeopardy. I believe that God will not hold men and women in uniform responsible as agents of their government in carrying forward that which they are legally obligated to do. It may even be that He will hold us responsible if we try to impede or hedge up the way of those who are involved in a contest with forces of evil and repression.

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