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Monday, March 14, 2011

But Does it Have a Name?

General Conference will be held again in a few weeks and the problem of how to get Conference proceedings to all the far-flung areas of the world will get played out once again. However, the Church seems to have hit on an excellent solution. It is described below in the quotes form "Church uses technology to send messages to far corners of the world." but I'm wondering if this media player device has a name?
Jacob Stark, a Church technology product manager, said, "Fifty-nine Church congregations from Benoni, South Africa, to Jakarta, Indonesia, were invited to evaluate different technologies for viewing Church broadcasts over the Internet. The most popular solution involved the use of a widely available media player."
The player costs about $100 USD depending on the area and is about the size of a standard Book of Mormon. It can plug into a TV, projector or monitor. A separate memory stick (about the size of a stick of gum) is required to play video. 
Instead of waiting several weeks for conference, all a member needs to do is go to a home, Internet café, or business that has Internet access and download the conference sessions onto the memory stick. The videos are then copied onto as many memory sticks as are needed and delivered to meetinghouses with media player units. The stick plugs right into the media player and general conference is ready to go. The picture quality is amazing and as good as most satellite broadcasts.
The article provides pictures and descriptions of the technology, just no name. I find this quite puzzling. Perhaps the name of the device isn't important at all, just the fact that it exists is.

I'll never be a stake technology specialist and I have no reason to explore the Meetinghouse Technology Wiki in any detail, so I guess I'll never know.

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  1. Greetings Krista, a number of media players on the market can be used for this purpose. The one we recommend is the Western Digital HD Media Player. More information may be found here:


    Hope this information helps!