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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Book of Jasher (Jashar)

I'll bet most Mormons would draw a blank if you asked them about The Book of Jasher. I know I would if not for a chance remark in my Seminary class as a senior in high school. My instructor said that it wasn't accepted as scripture. It likely contained some truth but it wasn't something we needed to concern ourselves with. He said he had read it but did not use it in his teaching.

Several years later, I was photocopying something in my Church library. I reviewed the library's collection, as I did so, and found a copy of The Book of Jasher and thumbed through it. I don't remember any specifics but it was a slim volume that did not contain much.

Today's post reviews the Church's position on The Book of Jasher. The book is actually mentioned twice in the Old Testament:
Joshua 10:13 And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.
2 Samuel 1:18 (Also he bade them teach the children of Judah the use of the bow: behold, it is written in the book of Jasher.)
From the Bible Dictionary we learn the following:
Jasher or Jashar. Upright. (Josh. 10:13; 2 Sam. 1:18.) An early collection of Jewish national songs and stories of deeds of valor, put together about the time of Solomon. Various other collections of the book of Jasher are available today and may be of some worth, but do not appear to be the one spoken of in the Bible.
The Bible Dictionary also mentions it as one of the Lost Books.

Official publications of the Church mention the book in a handful of scholarly Ensign articles in 19741977 and 1994.

In 1981, an "I Have a Question" feature answered the question, "I recently acquired a copy of a text calledThe Book of Jasher, which is claimed to be the book of missing scripture referred to in the Bible. Can you tell me if it is authentic?" It was answered by a Church Education System (CES) college curriculum writer.

There is also a brief mention of The Book of Jasher in the The Old Testament Student Manual for college students.

Turning to unofficial sources, the Mormon Wiki supplies us with the following:
The Book of Jasher is a secular history covering a period from the creation until the period of the Judges in Israel, and a work that is referenced in the Holy Bible twice by two different authors. Three purported copies of this 'Lost Book' have been translated, but only one is looked upon as authentic. The Prophet Joseph Smith quoted from it in Times and Seasons as a source which had "not been disproved as a bad author." Certain members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints secured the copyright and republished the work in 1887 in Salt Lake City.
The Book of Jasher is almost certainly authentic, as it contains many specific details which are in agreement with modern revelation (i.e. the Book of Moses) that was published before the Book of Jasher became available on the American continent). However, it is also almost certain that it contains modifications from its original form. When studying it, the Lord's advice in Doctrine and Covenants 91 still stands.
Read D&C:91.

Visit the Mormon Wiki site for links in the quoted paragraphs above, like the Times and Seasons source.

The Wiki site also contains a link to a Meridian Magazine article as well as a link to The Book of Jasher online. 

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  1. I think the Mormons might be interested in the chronology connection between Mayan Noah's Flood 3114bc and Jasher's Flood 2349bc. In comparing Jasher and Ussher you discover a Mayan Marduk calendar that conincides with the city Harran Syria mistaken as the birth of Haran when he was actually 29, and 31 years before Abram's birth. That is to say Abram was born in the 32nd year of the city Harran, not 32nd year of his brother Haran. I believe the Book of Mormon is a writing of Joseph Smith not of any ficticious Mormon or son Moroni. I find deep fault with doctrines of covenants that read "This is what Jesus said (in KJV), and this is what jesus thus meant". Pathetic! And I also find fault with claiming a 100bc Quetzalocatl who stopped Noah's Flood in 3114bc (as the planet Venus) is instead claimed to be a 33AD Jesus in America. However, this is why i Googled the words Mormon and Jasher, since Jasher solves the Mayan puzzle of where Mayans came from. (From 2029bc fall of 1st dynasty Ur, to foundation of Mari Syria, to 1762bc captivity in Babylon, to release in 1625bc to Harappa India, to migration in 1437bc to found Xian China, to Korea in 1433bc, to Japan, and finally Copan America in 1313bc.

    The birth of Terah (2148bc) is mistaken as a debate between 2127bc (Mayans and Jasher and Ussher) and 2088bc (Samaritan and Greek) based on 13-year Mars as Marduk which places Haran in year 39 of Terah. Haran was born when Terah was 70, and Abram when Terah was 130. This is proven by 208-year Marduk spanning 205 Julian years from Terah's birth to death. But the first 60 years of Terah's 2148bc (as Chinese 60-year calendar) mistakes Terah or Haran as year 2088bc. As Terah 2088bc the city Harran Syria (2049bc) is claimed as 39-year Marduk (three of 13-year Mars from Terah 2088-2049bc Harran Syria) to claim Marduk (The Son) was born when Terah was 39, while Jasher has Haran born in 2088bc when Terah was 39 (Terah 2127-2088bc Haran). The 205-year Marduk is Terah's longevity (not 145), but Mayans use this from 3113bc Arpaxad Marduk to 2088bc (5x 205 Julian = 5x 208 tun) where 1025 Julian are 1040 tun. Thus in 360-day precision 3114bc is Flood tun 0 (zero), 3113bc is Marduk tun 1 to mark 3112bc Arpaxad as tun 2 and Marduk then spans its 1040 tun from 3113bc tun 1 to 2088bc tun 1041 as Haran born to Terah (2127bc) at 39, and Abram born 31 years later in 2057bc. Samaritan Flood 2960bc and Greek Flood 2958bc however place Terah (not Haran) in 2088bc with Haran at Terah's 39 in 2049bc for Abram to be born 2018bc (Greek shift 2086-2016bc). The point is that this existence of three Marduks (780-day Mars or 2 years 60 days) can thus be defined as Harran Syria Marduk new year is 2 years before Babel Marduk new year and 2 years before Terah's TAU Marduk new year. i.e.Harran 2152bc Babel 2150bc Terah 2148bc, and Harran 2088bc Babel 2086bc Terah 2084bc, and Harran 2062bc Babel 2060bc Terah 2058bc, and Harran 2049bc Babel 2047bc Terah 2045bc, and Harran 2011bc Babel 2009bc Terah 2007bc. The significance is Greek debate whether Babel's Marduk Temple and Nineveh is 2060bc or 2058bc when both are true in that order. And then whether Marduk Street at Babel are 2009bc or 2007bc when Abram was 9. The 2009bc is the correct one. And lastly the solution of Harran and the Maya by comparing Jasher and Ussher and Greek. Oh and by the way the Terah 205-year Marduk of JW WatchTower (2148-1943bc) is a continued cycle in the Seder Olam Rabbah as 1943-1738bc (where its Terah dies in 1738bc instead of 1943bc).