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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Roasting Roaches: Missionary Letter from Uganda

Another of my finds from doing the posting on missionaries in Uganda is a letter I found from an Elder Jeremey Kohler who should be home by now. The letter was dated October 8, 2008.

It misspells cockroach four times amongst other things. But, it also provides a personal glance into daily missionary life in Uganda. Here are some snippets:

On cockroaches:
So mom i swear i have sent you pictures of our apartment, its not bad, for here in uganda, I mean we dont have that many cocroatches running around. But i like the cockroatches, me and krugs bought these sparkler birthday candles and whenever we see a cockroatch (which is pretty often) we light one of those babys up and go to town just roasting all the cockroatches we can get ha.
On doing laundry and sleeping:
But anyways mom that is how everyone does laundry out here is in buckets, we usually hire someone but on that day she wasnt able to make it so we had to do out own landry. And yes mom we do sleep on these nasty foam pads that are so uncomfortable im going to need physcial therpay on my back and neck when i get home ha.
 On transfers and the size of the mission:
So there are many unanswered questions about this next transfer, like if they will open up any new country or new area in uganda. I mean its kind of sad, The Uganda mission is so small if you look on the map there are only missionarys from entebbe, (thats where is am) up to jinja proabably only and 80 mile stretch of land. But the work is growing big time out here, i figure a lot more missionarys will be getting there calls to africa, i hope steve comes to uganda ha.
On Uganda Mormons and Others:
Anyways so about sudan, president just went up there and established a branch, i guess there were like 4,000 beleivers meeting together and they were teaching correct doctrine out of the book of mormon, but i guess they were singing really loud and dancing, chanting, banging on drums, doing all that weird stuff. no one really knows what that is really like back in utah but man you wouldnt believe it here, people stay up all night in this church near our flat singing PRAISE GOD all night its really great ha ha serioulsy its annyoing. I have muslims mosks that wake me up everymorning and SAVED BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS that keep me up so i cant sleep at night. UGANDA IS GREAT HA HA Anyways love you all

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