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Friday, February 11, 2011

If a Mormon can be . . .

From: "Surely a Mormon can be president" by Jordan Sekulow in the Washington Post. Mr. Sekulow is the Director of Policy and International Operations at the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ):
If a Mormon can be the governor of Massachusetts - neither a Mormon nor conservative stronghold - and a Mormon can be majority leader of the US Senate, surely a Mormon can be president.
He makes an excellent point. In fact, one has to wonder why this hubbub about Mitt Romney's religion doesn't carry over into hubbub about Harry Reid's religion. I think there are two reasons why.

1. Reid's a liberal Democrat.

2. Few people understand what the Majority Leader of the Senate actually does or what the position implies.

Overall, I think the second reason explains as much as the first.

I don't think Romney's religion would garner a headline if the national news media ignored it. Their artificial enlargement of issues finally end up affecting public opinion. Their irrational coverage of Obama's supposed support of Islam certainly has. Beck didn't help matters, despite his being Mormon himself.

They have to grasp at something whether it is Romney's religion, Quayle's gaffes, Ford's stumbles, Simon's bow tie or something else. It is irrational and idiotic especially when you consider Ford was a versatile athlete and college football star. Instead, he got painted as uncoordinated and clumsy. What could be more inaccurate than that?

Prominent Mormons have invaded every other occupation. It is about time for one to become President.

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