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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good News! Mormons Are Like Fruit Flies

Usually it is just Mormons researching Mormondom, but this study comes from Indiana, my recently adopted home state:
Polygamy practiced by some 19th century Mormon men had the curious effect of suppressing the overall offspring numbers of Mormon women in plural marriages, say scientists from Indiana University Bloomington and three other institutions in the March 2011 issue of Evolution and Human Behavior.
The article comes from Indiana University and is quite explicit on what the researchers studied and what they think their research means. Their results reflect the "Bateman gradient" which was also observed in fruit flies.

I don't pretend to understand all of this and I am not sure I want to. But, I am happy that the researchers confirmed their hypotheses and are pleased with the results.

Researching is frustrating but rewarding when you feel you have good data with demonstrable results that support theories you are attempting to evaluate and apply.

Hats off to the researchers. I can certainly appreciate how this may help them with tenure and promotion.

Besides, if Mormons are worth researching that certainly means something too . . .

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