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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Forget the Musical: Meet Some REAL Missionaries to Uganda

"The Book of Mormon: The Musical" profiles two Mormon missionaries in Uganda. It debuts in New York tonight. I doubt either Parker or Stone ever met a real Mormon Missionary that served in Uganda, but you can.

Mormon.org: Profiles of Uganda Missionaries:
(See Also: Dan's Brother and Leah's Son)

Profiles on Other Sites:
Uganda, Kampala Mission Alumni (There are 48 currently listed)
Uganda, Kampala Mission on Facebook (All content is public.)
Uganda Return Missionaries Rms

YouTube: LDS in Uganda: You gave me water

Also see article, "Utah LDS missionaries bring water to a thirsty Africa"
Barlows in Uganda (blog)

Other Blogs:
Bean Mission Blog
GLENNS IN AFRICA .................................. Humanitarian Service Mission 2008-2010
Lynette & Rick in Africa

Elder Bradley Benson's Mission Site
Elder Samuel Chet Combs' Mission Site
Elder Scott Daly's Mission Site
Elder Matthew Deal's Mission Site
Elder Mehluli Dube's Mission Site
Elder John Green's Mission Site
Elder And Sister Steven Himle's Mission Site
Elder Jared Keeley's Mission Site
Elder Jeremey Kohler's Mission Site
Elder Tyler Krueger's Mission Site
Sister Brittni McDonald's Mission Site
Elder Bryce McRae's Mission Site
Elder Blake prier's Mission Site
Elder Kenny Scoresby's Mission Site
Elder Johnny Shuping's Mission Site
Elder Lane Eric Stevens' Mission Site
Elder Anthony Valois' Mission Site
Elder Jesse Welsh's Mission Site
Elder And Sister Brad and Karen Wilkes' Mission Site
Elder Zachary Wright's Mission Site

You can meet and talk with REAL Mormon Missionaries too. This link can tell you how. Or, if that is a little intimidating to you, talk with a Mormon who lives near you.

See Information and News about the Church in Uganda:
Country Information: Uganda
Uganda Kampala Mission

Mormon.org: Mormons who have lived in or are involved in work/service in Uganda:
Andrew Lovell
Carrie Eliza

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