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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mormons, Romney and Marriott

Marriott Hotels are phasing out in-room adult movies. Whoopee. Some Mormon haters have concluded that Marriott is attempting to assist Romney in an upcoming presidential bid. There is little logic or reasoning to back this up. Nevertheless, some will persist in this view.

Why didn't they phase it out when Romney was running before? Why didn't Romney phase it out when he was ON the board? That probably would have done more to assist him in his political objectives. Why did he even recuse himself from the decisions?

A more logical conclusion is that they simply aren't making money at it anymore. The Washington Post article bears this out:
On Monday, it said the recent decision was based on economics and technology. More guests can access adult content cheaply on their portable devices rather than pay for premium adult channels.

Scholes and John Arabia, managing director of Green Street Advisors, said the loss of revenue to Marriott would be minimal.

"I wouldn't expect it to be a material hit to the profits of most hotels," Arabia said. "I don't have hard data, but I would speculate that the use of in-room adult video has declined with the proliferation of new technology."
So much for ethical decision making.

Out in the Light notes that some groups have praise for Marriott's decision. I don't. The reason they did it doesn't pass muster. They should phase it out or not acquire for the right reasons in order to get any praise from me.

I had the impression that the Marriotts weren't particularly in the Church's good graces these days anyway. A few years ago, I remember President Hinckley condemning those who create pornography and those who provide it. It startled me because it sounded like a swipe at the Marriotts.

For the last several years, I've felt the Marriotts were being marginalized and minimized somewhat in the Church. Their image has been pretty low for some time given their business practices.

That is as it should be. They'll get no praise from me.

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