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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Give Yourself the Whole Year!

New Year's Resolutions are at hand again. There is nothing wrong with them except people usually fizzle out on them or get discouraged within a matter of weeks. The most popular resolutions people make are ambitious goals, too ambitious in my opinion.

The only thing wrong with them is that they are too broad. Losing weight, for example, is terrific. But, why only give yourself a couple of weeks to achieve it? Why not give yourself the whole year and then review your progress?

A series of small goals would also be appropriate, even better if they are measurable objectives. If you haven't had any management courses, "measurable objectives" may seem a bit daunting.

They are simply small goals you can measure. If losing weight is your overall goal, then do small things that help you reach it. For example, take more walks, choose the stairs instead of elevators, try to have breakfast every morning and try to introduce some healthy eating habits. Even if you don't lose weight, or lose only a little, you will still be healthier. In fact, why not make healthy habits your overall goal instead. Losing weight should be a byproduct of that.

If you aren't totally consistent, so what. You've still got a whole year. Just keep at it.

This little article from Tambuli in 1990 is quite helpful. It's only about 400 words. I like the suggestions for scripture reading. If you have that goal accomplished, try the technique with your journal.

If you move, change jobs or have some life changing or stressful event; then you may have to reestablish habits you thought you had mastered. Don't beat yourself up over it. It's called life.

Instead of viewing life as a series of achievements, look at it as a process. You aren't rowing a boat in order to reach a destination, you are rowing. Make your goal to row forward, avoiding rocks, rapids and keeping your boat steady. The destination isn't your headache right now, rowing is.

And give yourself the whole year.

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