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Thursday, January 27, 2011

But I Want to Pay My Tithing Online!

The Church has automated practically everything these days, except tithing. Why not? Other Churches seem to think it is the future. There are even companies catering to them.

A Reuters article byy Susan Schept entitled, "Electronic giving increasing for church collections" says:
Church staff are often the toughest sell, said Vijay Jeste, product manager for electronic giving for Our Sunday Visitor, a Huntington, Indiana-based maker of donation envelopes for Catholic churches, which started offering electronic payment processing in 2009.
Reluctance to pay a fee to process collections melts away as parishes "realize that this is the way to go," Jeste said.
"This is not an option they can put off for too long," he said.
Just because the Jones' are doing it is not a reason for Mormons to do it. It's also not a valid reason to not do it.

LDS Philanthropies has automated donations. They even take credit cards. Something tells me that credit cards will never be allowed for paying tithing. But, there shouldn't be any problem with debit cards.

Paying tithing has always been a confidential hand-off between members and leaders. We try to remove it from open view, unlike the collection plates in other religions. Automating it would make record keeping a lot easier for everyone and eliminate the *float in the current system.

I'm also confident the Church could handle the technicalities itself. We don't need the services of an outside company.

Well, just remember you heard it here first. I have no doubt this idea will cause me to be labeled a heretic -- until the Church actually implements my suggestion of course. I can wait until then.

*Banking . uncollected checks and commercial paper in process of transfer from bank to bank.


  1. The church does allow this. A friend in my ward has been doing it for several years. However, our bishop discourages it, as he receives no record of the tithing paid. I suppose it should be good enough at tithing settlement time for the member to simply say they have paid a full tithe, but my bishop watches tithing payment throughout the year for signs of other problems. He says when a member is in trouble, he/she usually stops paying tithing.

  2. We have been paying our tithing through Bill Pay on our online bank account for years & we recommend it to everyone! The bishop sometimes thinks we are nuts since he has no record of our contributions, but it all works out anyway. The church mails us our statement for tax purposes in January each year. I would like an option to pay with credit card, but I can see why they don't allow it.