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Friday, December 3, 2010

Youth Conferences at Temple Square

The Church often seems to do something that has never occurred to me before but instantly strikes me as a good idea. This is one of those times.

After a pilot project last summer the Church will officially offer Youth Conferences on Temple Square in 2011. Here's the news article entitled, "Youth Conferences to Be Held on Temple Square" on the Church's News and Events web site. Access the web site for all the details.
This coming summer, a collaborative effort between Temple Square Hospitality Corporation, the Salt Lake Temple Square Mission, Deseret Book, and a handful of local hotels will bring more than 70 wards and stakes to Temple Square for one- and two-day youth conferences.
In my experience, Youth Conferences were held by stakes only, but these can be either ward or stake events. Certain stipulations govern whether it can be a one or two day event. Food is catered by the Lion House Pantry or The Joseph Smith Building. Yummy!

Some of the standard events are touring Temple Square, the Beehive House, the Church History Library and the Conference Center. Movies at the Legacy Theater and the Visitors' Center are a given. Starting your family history is standard also. Optional events include a hike up Ensign Peak, baptisms for the dead at the Salt Lake Temple and service projects. Featured speakers include John Bytheway (of course).

Seventy wards and stakes is small in comparison to how many will want to participate. I suspect dates will book up fast. Maybe locations like Palmyra and Nauvoo will have to start offering youth conferences as well . . .

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