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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Response to "Thoughtful Christian" Concerning Sgt. Calvin Gibbs 10/05/10 Post

On October 5, 2010, I posted, "Sgt. Calvin Gibbs: How Mormon Is He?" This has been one of my most accessed postings for reasons I don't totally understand. Interestingly enough, most of the searches that sent viewers to this posting were ones searching his wife's name, Chelsy M. Gibbs. After "Thoughtful Christian" posted a comment I decided to post a thoughtful response in a new posting.

Thoughtful Christian's words are in bold and my answers immediately follow.

Do you really care more about him being a nominal Mormon than a strong one?

I do actually. People often extrapolate a single Mormon's actions to the entire Church body. Whether this should happen is immaterial to the fact that it does. News media always seems to mention if someone is Mormon whether it has anything to do with the news item or not. To be fair, a Lt. Colonel friend of mine pointed out that this also happens to Marines, or former Marines. There is an inference that we should know better because we are Mormons (or Marines.) On the other hand, Mormons seem to feel our religion is validated every time BYU football wins but I won't go into that just now . . .

I am appauled [sic] that this article defends a religion rather than a human being and his trials on earth.

I didn't intend to defend a religion or a person. My posting only evaluated how Mormon Gibbs' was based on the indicators and hints available from current news media. I know other Mormons  would wonder and I hadn't seen the issue dealt with anywhere else. I prefer to blog on issues that don't get covered in other places.

[I did not react to the misspelling because we are all prone to them as well as typos. I tried to react to the merit of the comment. I ask other readers to respectfully do the same.]

A religion is not what makes a person.

Our religion is what makes Mormons. My religion is what has made ME. Everything I have done, am, or will do is because of my religion. I will certainly acknowledge this may not be true for other religions or people. I'm not an expert, but I do feel I can speak for the vast majority of Mormons, especially strong, active, faithful Mormons.

Perhaps Calvin's faith in God has grown due to what he has had to go through.

That could very likely be the case. I would hope so.

I believe that more importantly than anything else, Calvin has gone through a lot and with prayer and believing in God's plan for Calvin, things will work out according to our good Lord.

Prayer and belief can do a great deal for Calvin. Thank you for invoking our Heavenly Father and His interest in Calvin's welfare as well as our own.

I understand that you, Krista, must be a Mormon and are defending your religion.

You are correct. I am Mormon. I thought I had it all but tattooed on my forehead. You can't get more Mormon than I am. In all fairness, I was ready to conclude that Calvin was a strong Mormon if the indicators had suggested otherwise. I wasn't consciously intending to defend all Mormons just the Church's teachings whether they are followed by individuals or not.

What I ask of you as a follower of Christ, is to be a christian and ask for God to protect over Calvin and truly believe that the Lord has a plan designed for Calvin.

If you are inferring that you consider me to also be a follower of Christ I appreciate the compliment. I do believe Heavenly Father has a plan designed for Calvin. But, I also believe that Satan has a plan for Calvin too. Which plan Calvin follows is his choice.

We are here as humans that are to support each other rather than tear each other down and dictate to what degree of a Mormon Calvin was. He may have had trying times with his faith but like I said before, God has a plan.

You are certainly correct in asserting that true Christians support our fellow human beings in their trials. I can see now that my posting could be viewed as tearing down when my intent was to be factual. Even if I was only factual I should have included a disclaimer or clarification pointing to what true Christian behavior should consist of. I accept the censure.

And now he is stronger, as his faith has been challenged and he has reformed his relationship with God. Perhaps, this is part of God's plan.

He may well be stronger. It is inconceivable to me how someone could endure what he is going through, whether he is guilty or innocent, and not strengthen. To my thinking, his would be one of the most difficult trials this life has to offer. I'm not sure how I would hold under this sort of challenge. It reminds me of the saying, "That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

It's not any of us sinners (humans) place to judge how God's plan is carried out.

A timely reminder, thank you.

I think I should also point out that Gibbs and the others deserve military due process as well as Christlike behavior from the rest of us. Our prayers would certainly be helpful.

11/10/10 New York Times, "Sergeant Accused of Killing Afghan Civilians Faces Hearing"

Recent news reports indicate Chelsy Gibbs is present for her husband's legal proceedings: The Olympian and Seattle Times.

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