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Sunday, November 14, 2010

No List of Rules for Sabbath Day Worship

I consider Orson Scott Card a philosopher as well as a writer. In a recent column entitled, "Sabbath suggestions for dad," he gives several reasons why a list of Sabbath dos and don'ts is no desirable.
. . . a list of rules would remove from us any reason to think and pray about how we should go about honoring the Lord on the Sabbath.
Obedience to rules is great but isn't the process of how we go about deciding to honor the Sabbath as important as the end product? Isn't this how we learn to make right choices? Where would we be if all the right choices are just given to us in a list of dos and don'ts, a list of rules? Isn't it fundamentally different if we impose our own list of rules on ourselves instead of having one imposed on us? Isn't that what agency is all about?

Let's all take our responsibility to honor the Sabbath more seriously.

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