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Friday, November 19, 2010

The New Handbook and the Context it was Presented

My reaction to the Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting that introduced and covered the new Handbook seems to be very different than many people. I am delighted that Vol. 2 of the Handbook is now online and available to us all. I share the feeling that we truly have inspired leaders. However, the context in which everything was presented was highly disturbing:

Consider some of President Monson's opening remarks:
Most of you are in possession of your copies. Read them. Understand their contents. Follow them. As we of the First Presidency meet together in our regular sessions each weekday, we must, of necessity, deal with and correct errors which are made by Church leaders in administering the affairs of the Church. Most of these errors could be avoided if such leaders were familiar with the handbook and followed the policies and procedures outlined therein.
If we’re not familiar with policies and procedures, aberrations can creep into our Church programs.
Over the years, we’ve had to correct many attempts by well-meaning leaders to change some of the programs of the Church.
The point, however, is that in almost all cases, if the leaders would only read, understand, and follow the handbook, such problems would not occur.
You may think you know how to handle the situation when, in fact, you may be on the wrong track. There is safety in the handbooks.
So, Church leaders aren't doing things properly because they aren't following the policies and procedures of the Church. So much so, that our Prophet has to caution us all in a leadership training meeting. This is definitely food for thought.

In fact, it sounds a lot like the issues I brought up in my series on Church leadership corruption. People may not like that title (especially the word "corruption") but the issues I brought up are what President Monson brought up.

No matter what calling we have in the Church currently and in the future we can and should make sure we are operating within the guidelines the Church has given us. Present Monson concluded his remarks:
My brothers and sisters, whatever your current leadership calling is, the new handbooks will be a treasure to you. They will be a blessing to you and to those you serve as you read them, understand them, and follow them.
Let us make certain we follow The Prophet

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