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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mormon Artist Magazine

In comparison, Mormons seem to have overemphasized music and underemphasized the other arts. Perhaps Mormon Artist magazine can help rectify that balance. Created by Ben Crowder, with help from volunteers, the magazine has been publishing for two years. See, "Magazine provides Mormon Artists with sense of community" in Mormon Times.

From the article:
Crowder uses the bi-monthly magazine to show the world that Mormons can be true to both the gospel and their art without compromising either. Mormon Artist also depicts what's going on in the lives of LDS artists and helps new artists publish and promote their work.
Founded in June 2008 and circulated free of charge, Mormon Artist has now published a dozen editions highlighting a variety of LDS artists.
Going through all the back issues I found the following interviews from well-known Mormon artists, well ones I've heard of anyway. I've noted ones I have postings on in this blog.

Margaret Blair Young & Darius Gray
Rob Gardner
Shannon Hale & Stephenie Meyer    05/17/10
Jack Weyland
Michael Flynn
Alex Boy√©   09/09/10
Anne Perry

Crowder has not gone without some remuneration:
Mangelson said Crowder's volunteer efforts have not gone entirely without reward. A young woman he interviewed for the position of section editor and later became his wife.
Here is hoping Mormon Artist has a bright future!

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