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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Hurtful Diversions or Heartless Chambers of Isolation"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf's November 2010 General Conference Address Saturday morning had an unusual amount of wisdom. I'm picking one item a day and posting some reflective comments on his quotes.
Printed material, wide-ranging media sources, electronic tools and gadgets—all helpful if used properly—can become hurtful diversions or heartless chambers of isolation.
I spend a great deal of time online, but I don't play video games. I rarely watch videos, almost never listen to music, and spend very little time in social networking. Most people seem prone to making them "hurtful diversions." I'm more concerned about the isolation.

In my youth, people assumed that ALL television time was bad. It is a classic example of attacking the media rather than the use people make of it. Being on the Internet is the modern equivalent of this perceived vice.

I read high-quality stuff but I have to remember Elder Oaks caution about not everything being worth the time we devote to it.

Instead of attacking the media, let's focus on how we make use of it. And, let's only evaluate our own use, not others.

(I am moving and will not have access to media for about one week. My postings will be added automatically on a set schedule. However, I will not be able to moderate any comments until I am back online. I'm sorry for the delay. I appreciate your patience.)

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