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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Burundi and Angola: Branch President AND Relief Society President?

Many years ago a Stake President of mine spoke about his mission experiences. I don't remember where he went but he said the Church was new there. In addition to being a full time missionary he had to serve as the Branch President. He said he didn't usually mention that he also had to serve as the Relief Society President.

Burundi and Angola, both African countries have just been dedicated for missionary work. In an article entitled, "Apostles bless two African nations" (see also photo gallery) in the Church News it states:
Elder Holland expressed his feeling that Africa had been held in reserve by the Lord in the spirit of "the last shall be first" and that Africa would someday be seen as a bright land full of gospel hope and happiness.
Existing members and new members of these two countries will have to take on Church responsibilities very fast. In areas like this it isn't unusual to be called as Branch President within months of baptism.

In a religion course at BYU, Dr. Richad O. Cowan told us that the Church measures Church strength not by increases in baptisms but by priesthood holders, specifically Melchizedek priesthood holders. These are the men that shoulder the bulk of leadership anywhere in the Church.

In honor of Burundi and Angola being dedicated for missionary work I've compiled some links to information, Church articles and news concerning them both.

Country profile from Newsroom
Church Continues to Grow in Africa, October 20, 2005 — News from the Church
Pioneers in a Land of Explorers, Ensign, Ensign, April, 1997
The Secret of His Success, New Era, May, 1992 

Establishing Eternal Patterns, Ensign, October, 2004
From Burundi to Zaire: Taking the Gospel to Africa, Ensign, March, 1980

Update: Article entitled, "Burundi Pioneers: Faithful family lives the gospel in small African nation" published December 4, 2010 in the Church News.


  1. Since I was branch pres. (which basicly means I was the senior companion) I made my Jr. companion R.S. pres. and I was also S.S.pres.

  2. Would you know of any native burrundi members that would be open to speak with a new member over the internet.