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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pornography: Out in the Light

Mormons have suffered the effects of pornography along with everyone else.

The Church has been vocal and prolific in fighting the issue. There is yet another article about it in Church owned media. This one entitled, "From fear to hope, overcoming pornography addiction is possible: Couple shares story to help those suffering," appears in the Church News.

What makes it unusual is that this effort originates in Church affiliated media instead of the Church itself. The Deseret Media Companies include companies like Deseret Book and the Deseret News.

Out in the Light seeks to marshal women and their resources in combatting the effects of pornography on families. There is a documentary hosted by Jane Clayson Johnson as well as a Facebook page,  YouTube site, Twitter feed and a RSS feed.

See the introductory video below:

There is a button you can embed on your blog or site. You can see it on the far right column of this blog.

The Church also offers excellent resources including a web site entitled Combating Pornography as well as a topic page, information from Family Services, a Family Safety Wiki from LDSTech, and even assistance for Military and their families.

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