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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Truly Great Mormon Music: Rob Gardner's "Lamb of God"

Music in Mormondom has always been important. But important music does not mean that it is great music or reaches to the heights of Handel's Messiah. One would not expect a song written for Primary children to be that level of quality for example. Most Mormon music serves the purposes for why it was written quite well. However, there does some to be a dearth of music, composed for Mormondom, that is truly great. Perhaps there is now. Rob Gardner's composition, Lamb of God may reach those heights.

Though young, he is already a composer, producer and conductor. Lamb of God was recorded by Rob while conducting the London Symphony Orchestra. It also features a variety of prominent singers.

Future Lamb of God performances can be found here. The album is available here and excerpts can be accessed at this site. His non-profit effort is committed to finding and assisting other musicians as well as performing their works.

Enjoy the video preview below:

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