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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quotes From My Reading: Sunday, September 26, 2010

Below are a handful of great quotes from articles I've read recently. Enjoy.

On a Mormon running for President of the United States from Newsweek:
“I don’t believe conservative Christians will vote for a Mormon, but that remains to be seen,” James Dobson
They will Mr. Dobson, and many of them live in Utah and are lifetime Mormons. ;)

On the Church's new public relations campaign "I Am a Mormon":
You get the idea. These are normal, nice folks like you, who just happen to have a religion that most Americans don't understand . . . . 
The church has even created a web site where the curious can go to chat online with real Mormons.
Now that's 21st-century religion. [City Pages -- Minneapolis/St. Paul]
My first impression is that they're incredibly slick," says Ann Pellegrini, associate professor of religious studies and performance studies and New York University. . . . .
Pellegrini says ads like these are "confronting a particular moment of fear of religious otherness…. These are the coming out of the religious closet as opposed to the sexual closet." [Fox News]
On illegal immigrants and the immigration controversy[All from Salt Lake Tribune]
They break one law to obey what they perceive as a higher calling. . . .“I doubt that anyone ever says, ‘I am not violating the law.’ ” Garcia says. “Only that there is a greater purpose of being here.” . . . .  And how significant, in the end, is a violating [sic] a border?
Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank . . . has noted that illegal immigration, by itself, is a “civil violation” of federal law.
That’s significant, according to state Sen. Ben McAdams, D-Salt Lake City. He says violating a civil code is considerably different than breaking a moral one such as robbery or murder. The penalties, he says, should reflect those differences.
“We should seek to obey the speed limit,” McAdams says. “But that doesn’t mean that I should seek capital punishment for those who don’t obey the speed limit.” 
The Salt Lake Tribune article entitled, "Doctrinal divide confronts Mormons on immigration" by Jeremiah Stettler was published September 24, 2010. It is a thought provoking article.

On Mormon history:
The fact is, the information-saturated world in which we live simply doesn't afford the luxury of willful ignorance. At some point during our lifetimes, we will most likely be confronted with half-truths regarding our faith's history. And it's much better to understand the full context of the quote or event in question than to be blindsided by it.
In other words, censorship is bad for the soul. [Mormon Times]

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