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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Visalia Shooting: Can Mormons Respond as the Amish Did After the Nickel Mines School Shooting?

I held off posting anything about the Visalia shooter because I wanted to read more about the shooter's life and circumstances. My research showed he was a husband and father. News media reports have now confirmed this.

Kenneth James Ward walked into an L.D.S. church in Visalia, CA and gunned down Bishop Clay Sanner. Sanner was a husband and father of six boys, the youngest only months old.

The picture emerging of Mr. Ward is that he was mentally ill and deeply disturbed after his military service. I'm reminded of the Nickel Mines shooting where a man gunned down several Amish school girls and then killed himself.

The Amish community rallied to the support of the shooter's widow and children. They visited them, comforted them and attended the shooter's funeral. This example of Christlike forgiveness and love touched the world.

Can Mormons' now do the same for the family of Mr. Ward?


  1. I hope so. I truly do. This is sure a double sided tragedy.

  2. Yes, it's pretty sad on both sides.