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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The New Mormon Ads -- NOT An Effort to Help Mitt Romney

One of the strangest assertions I've encountered in my online meanderings is that the Church's new television ads are an effort to help Mitt Romney's future Presidential campaign. The ads are currently running in major urban markets here in the United States. You can view them on Mormon.org if you have not already seen them.

There are a lot of assumptions that underlie this notion:

1. That Mitt Romney is going to run for President in the future.

2. That the Church would want to help Romney.

3. That the Church can help Romney.

4. That the Church is helping Romney.

5. That the ads were intended to help Romney.

6. That the ads can help Romney.

7. That the ads are helping Romney.

None of these assumptions have been established. In fact, from past research, everybody seems to have established that the Church was Romney's biggest liability not his asset.

The Church's new ad campaign would exist even if Romney didn't. They are always engaged in some ad campaign fueled by the findings from their last one, like "Truth Restored". That explains their content more than anything. A recent article for Mormon Times establishes just that.
[Answer]: People seem to very curious about the timing. To be embarrassingly honest about the timing is that we finally got it ready. It started two years ago when we started messing with this and starting realize what we had learned from "Truth Restored." We said, "How do we get Mormons into the forefront to tell their own story?" We knew from some testing we have done it is a very effective means. 

[Question]: Of course, the cynical among the public would suggest that you are trying to get ready for a Mitt Romney presidential campaign. Is that the case?
[Answer]: I can categorically say that Mitt Romney's name never came up in a single meeting in two years.
The profiles on Mormon.org are just ordinary folks. How do I know? I know because mine is one of them. I submitted the pictures and wrote my content. See for yourself.

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