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Friday, June 25, 2010

Mormons Gave Willingly to Proposition 8

One of the strange inaccuracies I keep reading about people's response to Proposition 8 from the documentary "8: The Mormon Proposition" is that they think the Church forced people to donate money to it. I have already stated that no compulsion is ever involved, even to give tithing. In a phone interview with Reed Cowan by a reporter for Salon who is ex-Mormon herself, this inaccuracy should be set to rest. Here is the dialog:

Jodi Mardesich for Salon: The film mentions one family, the Pattersons, who withdrew $50,000 from their children's college fund. Was there any backlash against that call for extra money? They're already donating 10 percent [tithing], and now they're expected to pay double or more?
Reed Cowan: Those who participated in it gave willingly.

Read the article, "Cancel Gay Pride until we have marriage equality!: What can same-sex rights advocates learn from the Mormons? The director of a documentary on Prop 8 explains" at
this link.

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