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Friday, June 25, 2010

Best Commentary I've Read on "8:The Mormon Proposition"

Mormons, Gays and Prop 8, posted by Mark Paredes on his blog, "Jews and Mormons: a blog by Mark Paredes. Mark Paredes is the religion columnist for the Latter-day Trumpet newspaper and serves as a High Councilor in the Santa Monica Stake of the LDS Church.

He states that he has seen the movie. So, obviously his comments are going to be more detailed than mine. I have collected my favorites points he makes in the quotes below. The full article is well worth your time.

Now for full disclosure of LDS beliefs on homosexuality. [Note to “8” producers: if you’re going to belittle our beliefs, at least make sure that you accurately state them. Given all of the ex-Mormons involved in your project, I have to conclude that your distortion of our theology was deliberate]. 
A Mormon bigot should be an oxymoron, and Mormons who hate gays are hypocrites. Am I denying that there are Mormon homophobes? Of course not. Any organization of 14 million members is bound to have self-righteous bigots in its ranks, and we do have our share. However, it is deceitful to attempt to portray these people as representing the majority of straight Mormons, who regard gays as their spiritual siblings.
. . . I cannot empathize with the bigots in the gay community who attempt to portray people of faith who oppose gay marriage as homophobic haters. This is nonsense.
While tax-exempt religious organizations are not allowed to sponsor political candidates, they can certainly encourage their members to support initiatives that enshrine their values into law. The church/state separation principle has to do with government endorsement or prohibition of religion, not with the right of churches to support moral causes.
While it’s relatively easy to splice together anti-Mormon clips and lash out at the Church, the real work of promoting dialogue is a lot harder—and ultimately more rewarding. I am optimistic that there are members of the gay community who are as committed to promoting understanding as “8”‘s producers are to undermining it.

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