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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mormons to the Rescue With Sandwiches and Ham Biscuits

Occasionally, Mormon organization efforts address issues like Proposition 8 in California. More often, our vast organizational skills are directed at food events. It is usually ourselves we feed. However, a recent target was a vast population of dental service recipients and dental personnel in the Roanoke, Virginia area.

From the article:

"One problem that arose was feeding the large number of attendees. After requests were issued to a number of churches and other charitable organizations to sponsor lunches for the there very few positive responses. The Council of Community Services, one of the local sponsors for the event, was at a loss as to what to do.
When Linda Arrington, the council's office manager, heard of their plight, she contacted the Roanoke Virginia Stake and obtained approval for the local wards to take on the task of feeding the attendees. . . . " Mormon volunterrs quickly ". . . assembled more than 1,400 sandwich lunches and 200 ham biscuits and delivered them on time. . . .When lunches for the dentists, to be provided by another organization, did not arrive as expected, it was found that because the Mormon wards had dramatically exceeded their promised commitment of sandwiches, there were enough to feed the dentists and some volunteers as well."

I would trumpet efforts like this even if they were not performed by my former Stake and Ward.

Way to go guys.

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