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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Harry Reid, Mormons & Abortion

The March 20, 2010 article in the American Thinker entitled, "Taxpayer-Funded Abortion on Demand, Courtesy of a Catholic and a Mormon makes a better case for condemning Nancy Pelosi than Harry Reid but Harry Reid still deserves scrutiny.

Only the most obedient of Mormons are given "temple recommends." These recommends allow faithful members access to the Church's sacred temple ceremonies. Harry Reid, despite his vocal and public support for legislation that provides federal funds for abortion, is known to have such a "temple recommend."

There are important caveats in the difference between official Catholic and Mormon positions on abortion. Mormons do not consider ALL abortions outright murder. A Mormon who believes abortion should be legal but does nothing about it is different than a Mormon who believes abortion should be legal and enacts legislation to make it so. It is a simple case of belief versus action.

The healthcare bill is an omnibus bill that does many things. Each individual lawmaker cannot be held religiously liable for every provision of the bill. However, Harry Reid is vocal in his support of abortion legislation.

If Reid were subjected to disciplinary action in the past, present or future it is unlikely that anyone would know unless he chose to make it public. Perhaps Reid's involvement comes under the "circumstances warrant" clause. We will probably never know.

From what reliable evidence I have accessed on Harry Reid, he seems to operate on the fringe of Mormonism, in my humble opinion.

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