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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peter Drucker, "The Mormons are the only utopia that ever really worked."

The title of this post comes from an article that appeared recently in Mormon Times entitled, "'The Mormons are the only utopia that ever worked' This is a strong statement indeed from the grand old man of management.The statement is conveyed by Mark W. Cannon, former Administrative Assistant to the United States Supreme Court Chief Justice. Myself and all the B.Y.U. interns had the opportunity to meet Cannon and hear him speak while interning in Washington D.C.,

"Almost 3,000 Mormon stakes and 25,000 wards and branches in more than 150 countries function with no paid clergy or staff, yet carry out a rich variety of well-organized, effective educational, spiritually enriching, advisory and service programs for people of all ages.
Drucker, and others, find all of this astonishing. To me, it is natural. I have been part of it since the day I was born. Everything I am and everything I have done has resulted from my membership in the L.D.S. church.

Setting aside the issue of faith and looking squarely at the secular benefits that have resulted to me over the years, I ask other religions, "What have you got better to offer me?"

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